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coin du lestin
rag series

"The stage is set when something happens on the canvas that is not planned, yet is recognized by the artist as having potential value.  Even though he has not seen or done anything like it before and has no criteria or prior knowledge as a measure, he must know instinctively that it is "right".  This realization is probably the most crucial point in the creative process.  Therefore, at times you find yourself willing to give up control to allow something to happen that would be beneficial without being certain. 


In the sculptural works and tactile canvases, cloth, colored clays and other materials are buried beneath the surface to build the final form.  Seemingly destructive processes like sandblasting, hammering and scraping are then used to recover and expose these embedded materials.  Control is lost as the work is broken down.  Ironically, it is often during this subtraction that the finished piece is revealed.  At this point, nothing can be added without the risk of losing everything.  The instinctively 'right' move is to walk away."


- George Dunbar

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